Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bad Sport

Bad Sport 2 piece; UNIF | Boots; Nifty Thrifty | Leggings; Target

Photos by Megan Lane

These photos are kind of funny, because you can see how tan the lower half of my left arm is compared to the rest of my arm... Blame this on the fact that I have to cover my tattoos at work, so that's the only section of my arm that gets any sun. These photos are also funny because I used to absolutely detest matching clothing sets like this, but, I guess UNIF managed to change my mind on that. These were taken up in Merced when my best friend Megan and I went up to visit her sister. It was a fun little mini trip. I can never complain about trips with my best friend though. 
How was everyone's Christmas?! I've probably had the best one yet this year. Life is really good at the moment, and I hope you all can share in that sentiment. I cannot believe this year is almost over, just a few more days!

Happy holidays to you all!

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