Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Had to add this one in just because my cat, Truffles, wanted in on it. Haha.

Dress; Forever 21
Boots; Forever 21
Abalone necklace; Gift
Turquoise rings; Vintage

I forgot how much I love pairing dresses with boots. There's just something about it. I guess it's me being more into the grungy side of things, haha. I scored this dress in Forever 21's sale section. Blue tie dye? Couldn't say no. And these boots! The more studs the better. I got them seriously a year ago. I had my eye on them for months, and as soon as my birthday rolled around, that was the first place I stopped. I got lucky, this was the last pair of them left, and they just so happened to be in my size!
Also, my cat Truffles decided she needed to make a cameo here. She's my babe, I couldn't not let her have her moment! Haha.

Hope your week's going well!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tired & Uninspired

Dress; Azkara
Stone bracelet; Target
Turquoise jewelry; vintage
Bandeau; Forever 21
Shoes; Payless
Crescent quill necklace; My Salvation

First off, I've been a terrible blogger, I know. Just life caught up and such. Been sick, school, clashing schedules with trying to get photos taken, whatnot. Second off, these photos are from June, and I wasn't sure the internet would ever see light of them. I was having a rough night, what with a still fairly fresh breakup. It's depicted in these photos. I'd been crying, and didn't much want to show my face. Much like my night tonight. Five months later, and I'm still mourning over this loss. I have a notebook in which I write all my feelings. Tonight, I went back and read everything I'd written before this all ended, and I think it's given me a bit of closure. Still love the guy, but now I have better understanding of why what happened, did. If the circumstances were different, I don't think things would have ended. Maybe in the future..

I'm really not sure why I'm telling you all this. I've been reminiscing on this a lot this month. It's been almost a year since we'd first met. It's changed my life. Maybe something so perfect and beautiful, wasn't meant to die.

Who really knows.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Making Of // Art Hop

Hey guys! Here's another little insta-update on the making of this last photo shoot and Art Hop (in which one of said photos was featured). Enjoy!

Ready to head out to shoot!

Blue/fuchsia ombre nails!

Practically out in the middle of nowhere for this shoot. Lots of dirt and dust was involved.

Demi and I on our way back from the shoot!

Thursday: Ready to head out to Art Hop!

Look, it's me! Broadway Studios

Demi and I had to laugh when we saw a photo of another one of our friends featured at Art Hop. This is Kaleb.

There were bands playing all over the place at all the different Art Hop Locations.
Bad ass jellyfish/mermaid painting.

Apparently I cost $35. Haha!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

California Palm Tree Paradise

Lace bralette; Forever 21
Boots; Kohl's
Turquoise necklace, rings; Vintage
Pyramid ring; The Laundry Room

All photos by Demi Rueda

Let me just tell you how freakin IN LOVE I am with this dress from Crash & Burn. OH MY GOD. Perfection in a dress. Crash & Burn sent me this almost two months ago, and I am just now getting around to having it shots. I had to save this for the perfect location, occasion, etc. I have worn it quite a few times since getting it. It is seriously the most comfortable dress I own, and if you know me, you know I get down with the tie dye. Seriously though, check their shiz out. All of it is just plain amazing. Thank you Demi so much for making this shoot so magical. All these shots are TOO PERFECT.
Oh, yeah, that blue in my hair.. It ain't hair dye. It's pastels. As in, that artsy fartsy upgraded version of chalk. Get the crazy colors you want, without the commitment. Just wash it out once you're done with it. If I wasn't currently trying to get this job that I don't think would be down with unnatural hair colors, I would totally dye my hair this color. But alas, I'm sticking with chalking my hair for now. It's actually really easy to do and doesn't hardly take me any time at all (then again, my hair isn't exactly long, and I'm only chalking my fringe).
Also, let me tell you how much shit Demi and I went through for this shoot. First, dodging cars while I'm trying to lay in the middle of the road. I ain't trying to get turned into roadkill any time soon. Second of.. That damn palm tree branch? Yeah, that sucker decided it wanted to drop dirt and shit down my dress. Cool, dirty boobs. Then those photos in front of the orchard/corn? Yeah, dust galore. I swear we were both caked with dust and dirt by the time we were out of there. Totally worth it though. We ended the day driving back to my place singing Cobra Starship to each other. Yeah, we're those girls (lesbehonest). 

Hope you all have had a great labor day weekend!

Oh, P.S.!
One of Demi's photos from this shoot will be featured in this month's Fresno Art Hop at Broadway Studios downtown! So, if you live in Fresno, make sure to make it down there this Thursday and support all our talented local artists!