Sunday, January 25, 2015


Pants; H&M | Jacket & Boots; UNIF | Shirt; The Chain Gang Of 1974

Photos by Megan Lane

The only thing running through my mind while uploading these was, "WHY DID I CUT MY HAIR?!?!!?" Yeah... I chopped off all my hair just a couple days ago. Mostly because my undercut was getting annoying, and because I had all these weird layers from how thick I kept my bangs last year. Sigh. It needed to be done, I think. 
But anyway, hi, these are my current favorite shoes. They're comfy and easy to walk in but still give me the extra height. Also, this shirt is by one of my buddy's bands, called The Chain Gang Of 1974, which I'm very fond of, and would recommend checking out. 

Until next time!