Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Hoot Nest

All clothes via The Hoot Nest
Photos by Yezmene Fullilove
Models; Demi Rueda, Brijido, Madeline Wainscott

So this past Sunday, Yezmene asked me if I would like to model for The Hoot Nest's lookbook. I of course said yes! The Hoot Nest is a vintage/thrift/upcycled shop located in downtown Fresno. The shop's owner, Gina, upcycles vintage clothes and ads her own little touch to them, yet still at a thrift store price. They've got so many amazing pieces! I actually ended up purchasing the vintage GAP shorts because I loved them so much. Demi, Brijido, Yezmene, and I all had a really great time shooting this. Quite a lot of fun. I hadn't modeled for any shops/clothing companies in about a year. Was great to get back into it! If you're ever around the Fresno area, this is one shop you must check out.

Hope you all are having a great week!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Lost Girl

Tank,necklace, & feather earring; Forever 21
Shorts; vintage via The Laundry Room
Rings; Wasteland, vintage.

This has got to be my favorite photo shoot to date. I LOVE how these came out! All thanks to Mariaya. I feel like such a lost girl in these. We drove out to Millerton Lake, which was perfect location, especially with the face paint. Awesome concept shoot, I'm seriously obsessed. I forget how many gorgeous places there are just outside of the city. I love California, I really do.


Sunday, February 24, 2013


Bandeau; Urban Outfitters
Cardigan; Forever 21
Jeans; Azkara
Boots; Kohl's

Here's some more from the shoot last weekend with Yezmene and Michael.

I had a very busy day today. First shot with Yezmene again for The Hootnest's lookbook. The Hootnest is a little shop here in Fresno that has vintage/upcycled clothing. They've got some really rad pieces, so be on the lookout for those photos once I get them! Then after that, I did a really cool concept shoot with Mariaya. Stay tuned for that as well!

Hope you've all had a great weekend!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sky High

Top & jeans; Azkara
Boots; Dolce Vita via Marshall's
Rings; The Laundry Room
Earrings; Rock and Republic

Ever tried climbing rocks and hiking in heels? I did, and conquered. Honestly surprise I didn't hurt myself at all, haha. Photos by the lovely Demi Rueda, who I adventured with this past weekend up towards Millteron Lake and out to Sky Harbour. It was such a gorgeous day. We were both incredibly out of shape, and both panting and short of breath by the time we reached the top of this hill. Great bonding time with one of my best friends though.
I love how flowy this top is. I've come to realize that I like baggier, loose fitting tops, with tight pants. I don't know why, but that's how it usually tends to go. These earrings are also my new favorite pair, which my sister got me for Christmas. I absolutely adore them. 

So for awhile, I was feeling like my life was falling apart. I was finally working on bettering myself, and improving my relationship with God, and it seemed that everything else outside of me was falling apart. After lots of praying, and hard work, things are starting to look up again. Things at Victory Cafe are going really, really well. I am so excited for all the shows we having coming up the next couple months. I honestly couldn't be happier with it all right now. Life is good.

Hope you all are having an amazing week!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Top; Vera Wang for Kohl's
Jeans; Askara
Boots; Kohl's

Last minute shoot with the lovely Yezmene yesterday, celebrating the almost here spring season. 

I FINALLY got my arm finished. Only a year and a half later.

All thanks to my amazing tattoo artist, Andrew Thaxter. It's in the healing process, but I literally cannot stop staring at it every time I get the chance. It's beautiful, and the colors came out even better than I had imagined.

I have four weeks left of school, and then I graduate. This is all both incredibly exciting and scary. Crazy really, how fast the past year has gone by. I'm left thinking, "What's next?"


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Silent Planet

Tiny Hands (Au Revoir) - Silent Planet

The boys in Silent Planet released a new song today, and it is incredible. Lead me to tears. Their message is beyond powerful.
Apparently metal worship makes me cry.

Sorry for lack of updates. Life is busy, and good. :)


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Top; Azkara
Sequin skirt; Macy's
Leggings; Target
Earrings; Rock & Republic
Shoes; Kohl's
Ring; Wasteland

Welcome to Victory Cafe At Hardy's!! All these photos were taken inside/outside the theater, which is now a venue that Miears Music Management has taken over, and I've got the position of Promotions Management. I am so stoked to be able to expand to another venue! So not only am I helping out at Kuppajoe, but now Victory Cafe as well! We are having our debut show tomorrow, which includes SLO's very own PK, along with Underwater Track Team, and The Unbelievable! We've got some pretty big shows already in the works for the coming months. This is all so exciting for me.

Tomorrow's a big day!
Hope you've all started off your week well.

Oh, and yes. I went dark brown with my hair. I feel so much more "at home" with myself again. Stoked!