Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pastel Locks & Pastel Lips

Top; Forever 21
Shorts; Urban Outfitters

Just a real quick mini update here.. MY HAIR IS FINALLY LAVENDER!! Only took me how long to be content with the color of my hair since I went lighter (which was quite a process, let me tell you). Oh, the things cosmetology school does to you.

Speaking of, sometimes I question why I've decided to get into this industry. I'm always afraid of being perceived as one of those shallow, gossipy bitches. Actually, the whole industry is pretty vain if you really think about it. Hell, this whole blogging thing can be perceived as pretty damn vain as well. Always just rambling on about the shit I'm wearing. Why? What's the point?

I've done a lot of thinking about it, and there's only two real reasons to validate any of this, really. First off, the whole beauty/fashion/style thing.. It's my form of creativity, an art of sorts. It's a way I can express myself and portray my creativity (and I can promise you there's more creativity and intelligence to me than just how I portray myself). I've never wanted to be perceived as one of those girls who's all looks and no brains, because that's not me at all. My second reason for validating this. Promoting and spreading the word of up and coming artists and designers, those who hand craft everything they sell themselves. It's such a personal form of art, and I love being able to support those who have a passion for what they're doing, all by their own hands. There's more to this than the shit I clothe my body with every day, and the color of my hair and the way I style it, that I can promise you.



  1. i love your hair color! but my hair is too dark for this color change & i would have to lighten it a lot!
    secondly, i agree with you in the thing about the creativity behind the outfits! i think it kinda helps to show who you are.. i don't like bloggers who only wear sponsored outfits!