Thursday, August 2, 2012


Bell bottoms; Forever 21
Top; Forever 21
Shoes; Dolce Vita via Urban Outfitters
Turquoise choker & watch; vintage from grandmother
Obsidian arrowhead necklace; made by Demi
Crescent quill necklace; c/o My Salvation

So, the other day I decided to wander around Forever 21, and found myself in the sale section, all of which was buy one get one free. I came across a gorgeous tie dye dress (which you will see in another post), and then knew I had to bust a mission to find another piece for free. The sale sections there were so huge it nearly gave me an anxiety attack. I picked up a few pieces I thought could be possibilities to try on. Right as I was about to head to the fitting room, my eyes caught sight of these AMAZING bell bottoms. I saw them, and knew it was over. HAD. TO. HAVE. I have a slight obsession with bell bottoms. I immediately knew I'd have to pair it with a black band tee to add to the retro vibe, and this Pink Floyd fringed top was the perfect choice. And of course.. I HAD to pair this with my Dolce Vita platforms. Retro perfection! 

Taking these photos was not exactly the easiest task ever. I wanted to use more of the fence as a backdrop, but the neighbor's dogs would NOT SHUT UP. One of them kept poking it's head through a hole in the fence. Way to ruin it, dogs.

Anyway, I've been keeping pretty damn busy with school and volunteer work at Kuppajoe. Things are overall going well. I'm yet again disappointed in humanity though. Saturday, my mom came in to my school (Paul Mitchell, for those of you who don't already know) so I could cut her hair. Within the time I was cutting her hair, someone managed to steal my doll head stand. WHY?! It's sad that we can't even trust anyone within our own school with our belongings. This isn't the first time it's happened either. I've had friends get their stands, scissors, and other tools stolen. Why, people? It's rather sad. I just don't understand the mindset or lack of conscious of some people.


P.S. - Some of the girls at school have started calling me "Combat Barbie". I am ever so slightly tempted to change my blog name to this. What say you?



  1. Combat Barbie would be funny. I also bought those bell bottoms, although they were not on sale :( Love the print!

  2. Love a good pair of bell bottom pants! Especially when paired with chunky heels.

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  3. Love your outfit, wow really love it!!

  4. Great pants!

    xo Jennifer