Saturday, October 6, 2012

Copper Haired

Top; Forever 21
Blazer; Forever 21
Pyramid and Forest rings; The Laundry Room
Leatherette pants; H&M
Gold cuff; Forever 21
Leather bracelet; Ooh La La
Wedge sneakers; Wanted via Marshall's

So.. I feel pretty ridiculous for having fried off my hair getting it to platinum and not even wanting to keep it. I've pretty much decided I'm not meant to be a blonde, ever. I am absolutely in love with my new cool copper hair color though! So much better than the blonde. Since I got it colored, trimmed up, and styled today, I had to hit up Megan to get some photos of it.  Plus, I could NOT WAIT to wear these new Wanted wedge sneakers I got! I won Le Minimalist's blog giveaway, in which I won a $100 Marshall's gift card. These sneakers are just one of the goodies I made away with. I am in love. The gorgeous chocolate brown color, and the wedge on this sneaker are perfection. Not to mention they're extremely comfy. 
PRAISE DA LAWD it is FINALLY starting to cool of here in California's central valley. I haven't worn this blazer in ages due to the unruly hot weather conditions, so I was unbelievably stoked to pull this baby out again. It's my absolute favorite. I love the cut, the shoulders, and the lovely dusty rose color. 



  1. Whoa, your new hair color is amazing! It suits you so well :D
    Loooove the sneaker wedges too girl, man, that trend is sure popular. I want some of my own! :0 Haha

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  2. Love your outfit.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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