Monday, October 1, 2012


Top; Forever 21
Studded leather jacket; some boutique somewhere in La Selva
Shorts; vintage
Boots; Reflections
Purse; Kardashan Kollection via Sears
Forest ring; The Laundry Room

So far this weekend has been amazing. Friday night I headed out to local venue Fulton 55 to see my friends in Adventure Galley play (I've posted their music video for "Weekend Lovers" on here before). They never fail to disappoint, and I danced my ass off. You just can't help it with their tunes.
Then yesterday after class, I went out with my friends Megan, and her boyfriend Davie. Went to the $3 theater and finally saw The Avengers. It may just be my new favorite movie. SO. GOOD. This is also where Megan captured this first random shot of me. Attitude on full blast. I was beyond stoked that it finally cooled off enough for me to pull out my favorite ever jacket as well. Then we headed over to Mickey's to get some delicious frozen yogurt, and come in this second photo. Some guys stopped at a stoplight right outside the shop in a jeep were yelling crap at us through a megaphone or something. I was pretty annoyed with them, and pretty much flipped them off and yelled back "You're so fucking cool bro!" Don't people have anything better to do with their lives?
Another thing. Both the $3 theater and this froyo shop were in Clovis, which is literally next door to Fresno where I live. It literally just transitions from Fresno to Clovis in a matter of just a street. The thing about Clovis though. For the most part, it's filled with bros, cowboys/girls, and rich spoiled little Barbies. All three of us who went are are tattooed, have facial piercings, and dress more alternatively. The number of people who stared at us in horror or distaste was unbelievable. Sorry I don't dress like you. Sorry I don't conform to this preppy Barbie and Ken style. People are so fucking closed minded, it sickens me. After last night, I was reminded of why I try to stay out of Clovis.
Rant over.

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