Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday

In true Throwback Thursday fashion.

Dress; JCPenney's | Jacket; gift | Boots; Kohl's
All photos by Victoria Lubach

I'd posted one of these photos on Instagram earlier today and figured I'd do an entire blog post on this set. These photos were taken back early 2011 by the talented Victoria. My hair was still black and I still had one of my lip piercings in, haha. Boy have times changed. I feel very vampire-esque in this set. Actually, that used to be one of my nicknames. I've moved on from that a bit now haha. 

I can guarantee I won't be slacking on the blog anymore (at least not for awhile anyhow, ha)! I actually got a lot done today blog-wise. I also went back into Paul Mitchell today and got all the invitations for my graduation ceremony, finally! Only three months later...

Hope you're all doing well!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, no matter if these are old. They're gorgeous photos of you! I love your vampire-esque look. You totally rocked it :)
    You remind me of one of my favorite fictional characters from a series I read, called the Morganville Vampires. Haha, and no, it was nothing like Twilight, this storyline had some spunk. Anyway, these photos of you remind me of Eve from the books.

    Trendy Teal