Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Fourth: Friends & Fireworks

Photos by Andrew Hunter 

Photos by Lacey Miranda

Top; Forever 21 | Shorts; Unif

I had the most amazing 4th of July with all my closest friends. Megan, Demi, Lacey, Andrew, Clayton, and I all went up onto the roof above the third floor at Victory Cafe to watch the fireworks from the Fresno Grizzly game. We had the best view, and with the best people. It was such a fun night, and I think we need to make this a yearly tradition. Andrew took all those bad ass shots of the group of us watching the fireworks. This guy's a master of photography, so make sure to check out his work here.
I decided to look as fabulous white trash as possible (yes, I was being funny with it). I wore this open back top I got at F21 a couple years ago, and these Unif Backoff Shorts that I absolutely adore. I made use of my dark blue and sparkly white eyeshadow, and slick of red lipstick to stick with the patriotic theme. Hands down one of the best 4th's I've had. Thanks to all my friends who made it what it was. Love you all!

What did the rest of you do for the 4th if you celebrated??



  1. Whoa, those are amazing fireworks!
    And your outfit...FIERCE! Your shorts are a work of art and danger haha. Love it :)

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