Saturday, June 16, 2012

Primadonna Girl

Crochet dress; Urban Outfitters
Lace bralette; Forever 21
Scarf/shawl; Urban Outfitters
Shorts; Forever 21
Shoes; Dolce Vita
Abalone necklace; gift

I have been DYING for a kimono, but every one I've seen has been way out of my current budget. Then I found this tie dye scarf in Urban Outfitter's sale section. I couldn't resist the kimono like feel. So of course.. I decide to wear it as a kimono as such to satisfy my craving for one, and I'm extremely happy with how it works! Especially over this crochet dress I also found the same day. Match made in heaven right there. I think this must be my favorite summer outfit as of now. Plus the gorgeous abalone necklace my grandparents bought me while they were on a trip to Monterey! IN LOVE.

Also, I must say that I absolutely love how bright the red in my hair is now that the color has faded out a bit. Exactly how I wanted it to look from the start! <3

Have a great weekend y'all! 


  1. I spy fringe and crochet! Love both so much! The bright colors offset the neutral dress so well!

  2. love the dress and the kimono! i hear ya on that, kimonos can be so expensive! love the hair too, it's almost time to touch up mine...i hate how red fades so fast! ugh ;p

    crystal hearts vintage

  3. Girl. You're rocking out this outfit. Love the shoes!