Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On Top Of The World

Gwen skirt: UNIF
Top; Forever 21
Leggings; Target

Thanks once again to the amazing Mariaya Lynn for these photos. These were actually for a school project of hers, which she did amazingly. The contrast of the colors between the balloons and my blue plaid skirt. Which, by the way, I am IN LOVE WITH. Unif never fails to satisfy. I just love the 90's grunge vibe it gives off, and blue is one of my favorite colors, so how could I turn this down?! I treated myself for my birthday and spent the money on it, and boy is it worth it. It's the most comfortable and warm skirt ever. 
Also, how beautiful is this Fresno sunset?! (Although most of that is due to smog, uhhh). The spiral parking garage is one of the best spots for photos in the city. Especially at sunrise or sunset. You get a perfect view. Fresno can look kinda pretty from high above the city. I know it may not be most people's ideal place to live, but it's home to me, and I appreciate what I do have here.


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  1. lovely pics! loving the idea with the balloons! the sky looks so beautiful as well!