Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Dress; Urban Outfitters
Jacket; Urban Outfitters
Shoes; Wanted sneaked wedges via Marshall's
Rings, bracelet; Vintage gifts
Necklace; DIY from a friend

I recolored my hair again. I think I have a problem. But, my hair is all healthy again, and I can now let it grow back out! 
Can I just say how much I love the Urban Outfitters sale section? Only time I ever shop there. Walk in, and go straight for the sales in the back. I managed to get the jacket for half off, and the dress for only $10 when it was originally $80. Talk about a bargain! I'm obsessed with cut outs on dresses, so I couldn't pass it up. Plus I love the army green color of it. My friend, Megan Lane (who also took these photos), gave me the turquoise cuff I'm wearing. Her grandmother was getting rid of all her old jewelry, and Megan decided to pick up a couple of the pieces that she knew I would love. Thanks again Megan!
Sometimes, after it's been raining, you can see the mountains from here in the central valley. And, since it's been raining so often lately, I can quite often see them. Pure beauty. Every time I'm tempted to keep driving towards them. These photos were taken out near the foot hills, next to the Kings River. I swear, my wander lust will never cease. The travel bug has bitten me yet again. 


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