Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adventures In Lemoore

Muscle tank; Forever 21
Turquoise rings; Vintage
Arrow ring; Wasteland
Boots; Kohl's

Photos by Mariaya Tallet

Here's some more from my adventures in Lemoore with Mariaya the other day. Let's just say the second half of this adventure got funnier. My bare behind in her car while making a wardrobe change on the side of the road right as a cop drives by. Stopping for snacks afterward, and me twisting my foot and bruising it. What's funny is that I hurt my foot walking into a Fresh 'N Easy... Now while I was busy climbing this tree for these shots like you'd think. Typical Maddie move. 

This seriously has to be one of my favorite locations though. Being able to climb up a tree and have this much room to move around and not worry about falling is awesome. Getting to look out over the horizon from so high above the ground. No to mention the gorgeous sunset that evening. Then driving back home singing Savage Garden at the top of our lungs. Perfection.

It was a good day. Also. Listen to this. \m/

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