Thursday, January 24, 2013

Night Life

Coat; Evil Twin
The Ember Days tee; Gift
Shorts; UNIF
Tights; DIY Urban Outfitters
Boots; Kohl's

Photos by Mariaya Tallet

It's always the late night adventures that wind up being the best. Haven't done a night shoot in awhile, so thanks to Mariaya for these. I'd totally forgotten about this tee that I cut up a bit. Sean had gotten it for me at Cornerstone a couple years ago. Jealous he got to see The Ember Days live. Ya'll should check them out. The UNIF shorts and Evil Twin coat were the damage done to my wallet while I was in LA this past weekend. Buyer's regret, because that really was not necessary. Shameful. Really. I'm not proud. 
I called my therapist today. Whom I haven't seen in five years. I think it's time to go back for some sessions again. I've made a lot of changes on my own, but there's others I realize I need help with. Sigh. Anxiety disorders. I want to be better. I need to be.

Oh, and yes. I got some highlights. I'm planning out growing out my hair it's natural color for awhile and figured that would blend a bit better.



  1. Gosh! Your blog is fascinating, honestly I love it! I'm your new follower honey. If you have few minutes look at my blog please. I'd be happy if you become my new follower, too. Xoxo Princess

  2. ripped tights and shorts = love Xo Megan,