Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Gorgeous Fresno sunset.

Ready to take off for LA.

My sleeping situation while staying at my friend Lacey's for the night. Sleeping bag from third grade, no joke.

Spent way too much money here.

Went to see my friends in Wolves play at Cobalt Cafe.

Retaliating because Mike likes to take bad photos of me.

Stealing hats//Sean is metal even in his sleep.//Phinehas' new EP dropped today!

Truffles is glad to have her mama back home.

Spent the weekend down in SoCal to visit a couple of people close to me. Spent Saturday night and half of Sunday in LA with my lovely friend Lacey. Spent way too much money and ate too much food. Then Sunday night headed out to Canoga Park to see some friends at their show. After that, headed out to La Mirada to spend time with Sean. Which, by the way, his band, Phinehas' new EP, The Bridge Between, dropped today! Pick it up on iTunes here. Such genuine guys and genuine music. They're also heading out to record their next full length next month. 

This weekend did not work out anywhere near how I wanted it to. It was honestly more stressful than anything. Panic attacks a good majority of Sunday, and just a lot of us were pretty stressed out about things. But regardless, I'm glad I got to spend some time with the people I did. It's a whole lot better than nothing, and for that, I am grateful.

There has been so much going on the past couple months. I feel like some things are falling apart, other I am completely clueless on, and I think a lot of us have forgotten what we stand for and why we're even here to begin with. I've noticed some huge changes within myself the past month or so. I've gotten a whole lot closer to God. I'm starting to grow up and mature a lot. I realized how prideful I am, and gave that up. I know what I want, what I need to be. I need to learn to be at peace with my current situation, and trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to in God's timing. I need to slow down my though process. I overthink and overanalyze, and I forget that I can't read minds. I always assume things, when really, I forget I have no idea what other people are thinking and feeling. I stress myself out more than need be. It's almost an obsessive thought process. I need to work on this. Worrying and stressing myself out isn't going to do me or anyone else any good. Perhaps I've done all I can for right now, and need to accept that. Maybe it's not my turn to make the next move. Maybe I need to wait things out, and let them happen on their own. All of this is very hard for me to do. I don't like not being able to be in control. Uncertainty scares me. But I can't really do anything about that, except trust that God knows what's He's doing. Things will work out one way or another. He's watching over me and taking care of me. I need to remember this more than ever, and quit breaking myself down like I have been. It's a problem. 

Prayers and positive thoughts are more than welcome.


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