Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seattle Photo Diary

I know, I know. I'm a couple weeks late on this post, but here it is!

The drive from California to Washington. Top; Northern California. Bottom; Coming into Seattle.

Bunch of CDs I picked up while hanging at the Tooth & Nail Records office.

Being as touristy as possible in front of the gum wall with Micah.

Exploring Seattle with Micah as our tour guide.

Creation Fest! FF5 dance party//Merchin'//The Overseer

Reunited with Sarah! Hanging out in Portland.

Eating at Le Bistro Montage//View of Portland from a mountain//Driving through Battleground.

Where do I even begin? The first couple of days were spent exploring Seattle, lots of good food, and meeting all of Micah's old friends/roommates. I've been to Seattle before while on tour, but never really got to experience the city. Micah, having lived there for a large portion of his life, played tour guide and showed us all the best spots and places to eat. It was really nice actually being able to explore the city. Second day we visited his old place of work at Tooth & Nail, and then got to tour Jones Soda headquarters after that. Last day spent in northern Washington was at Creation Fest NW. I finally got to see one of my current favorite bands, The Overseer, there, which was an absolute pleasure. Super rad guys, and they put on a great show. It was also really nice to get behind the merch booth again at Creation. I didn't realize just how much I missed it until getting back there again.
After Creation fest, I said my goodbyes to Micah and FF5 crew, and headed south to Olympia to crash with my friend Mariaya for the night. Was really nice getting to spend some time with her and catching up. Later the next afternoon I headed down to Vancouver to meet up with my friend Sarah! I asked her if she'd show me around Portland, and that is indeed what we did. She took me to the most awesome restaurant, Le Bistro Montage. Their drink menu killed me. So funny. Also, our waiter wrapped my leftovers into the shape of a rose. Would definitely recommend this place. Afterwards, she took me to a record store, and then we went up to this mountain with the most gorgeous view of Portland. 
I met so many awesome people on this trip. I'd forgotten how much goodbyes sucks. 

Until we meet again.


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