Friday, December 7, 2012

Artistry (Obsession)

Happiness By The Kilowatt (Death Letter) - Alexisonfire

Alexionfire released a new piano version of Happiness By The Kilowatt. Incredible. Also makes me incredibly sad that the band is disbanding for good.
Some of you all may not now, but I actually do some writing on the occasion. Here.

The Storm Arrives

It’s a vicious cycle. The gray clouds roll in and you can tell that something is wrong, but you don’t know what. The cold wind ruffles your hair and sends chills down your spine. Anxiety level rise, as you wait for the bad news to suddenly explode in your face. You still don’t know what though. The clouds grow darker and darker, and more vicious. You try so hard to hold back the tears. Your eyes burn, and the howling wind in your face doesn’t help. Finally, lightening breaks out from the clouds and flashes in your face. The loud, angry crash of thunder that follows yells. It tells you everything you were afraid of. And in that moment, you know. You can no longer hold back the tears that rush down your face like a floodgate as the rain starts to pour. “He doesn’t love me anymore.” And you know then, that you’ve lost it all. You’ve lost the only one you ever cared to truly love. Just like that, it’s done. The thunder roars as the rain smacks into your face. It’s as though life has just bitch slapped you and yelled, “See this? I can take away anyone that you ever loved. He never loved you in return. You’re such a fool.” As the storm slows down and dies away, you’re left with the realization that everything that made you happy had died away as well, just in a matter of moments. The unanswered text, the silence that screamed everything you were afraid to hear. But, time moves on.

I actually wrote this just last night. Part one of a small series regarding events that have occurred within this past year. This song set me off, and inspired this series. Music inspires me more than anything. Let me know what you think. Want to see more of this on the blog?

I'm pulling through.


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