Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Devil Is In The Details

Belt; Target
Leggings; Target
Shoes; Dolce Vita (c/o Marshall's)
Jewelry; All vintage gifts

My legs look so long and lovely in these photos. I swear I'm not at tall as I look (I'm a measly 5'1). Oh the illusion of angles. Mariaya took these photos, and she always does an impeccable job. Girl's got some real talent. I specifically told her, though, that she had to take a photo of me walking because I love the long, flowy back of this shirt. It's been a favorite of mine since I bought it. It's a bit baggy in my midsection, but that's nothing a cute little belt can't fix.

I've just been accepted into Phase Two, the advanced program that Paul Mitchell schools have. I'm guessing it will be pretty tiring, but totally worth it. Gotta make the most of it while I'm there. This entire year has gone by so fast. It's almost the new year, and I've only got three months of school left. We went over a bunch of the stuff we need to have/know/do for the state board test, and that's gotten my anxiety levels up already. I hate huge tests like that. I'll survive though, I suppose. One of my learning leaders has been suggesting I go for dean's list too. Whole hell of a lot more work, but I feel like it's pretty typical of me to go for something like that. I don't know. I'm not quite thinking clearly tonight.

I hope you all have started off your weeks well!



  1. lovely outfit! loving the color & shape of the dress!


  2. Hey Madeline, I read your last comment on my post talking about my breakup, and I feel like if I was there with you I'd give you a huge hug. It hurts, so bad sometimes. I'm glad you're finally moving forward, and I hope one day I'll be able to do the same. I'll most definitely be thinking of you in my prayers as well. Thank you so much for your encouraging words too - they really help <3
    Anyway, this outfit is lovely girl. Your legs really do look miles long! I can't believe that's a shirt - that's one awesome hi-low hem on it.

    Trendy Teal