Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The New Year - Death Cab For Cutie

I have been on a Death Cab For Cutie kick again lately. One of my all time favorite bands.
Here, is the last of my series I recently wrote.

And Months Pass…

Months later, you realize it’s over. Facebook likes to throw that kind of shit directly in your face. You’re in shock, even though deep down, you knew this was coming. You ignored all the warning signs, because you didn’t want to believe it. You thought you’d finally found love, but it slipped through your fingers yet again. The waterworks won’t stop still another time. But I promise things will get better, no matter how hellish the next months are. And still, time continues on, whether you’re ready or not.

And this part was written December 6th, around 1am.


A year ago to this very hour, I met who I soon after thought was my soulmate. I guess I was wrong though, and fate fell short this time. A year later though, and I’ve finally overcome this. It’s taken me a year, but I have. I've moved on. And I truly believe that things happen for a reason, and that I’ve got something even better coming to me in time. And though it’s oftentimes hard to have faith, I believe that God has for me what I really need.

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  1. Oh man, you're at that place in the breakup where I wish I was!
    I'd only dated Patrick for barely five months, and this ache is so raw right now...of course, I haven't had a year to get over it. Its only been a few weeks. But life goes on...
    Proud of you for your strong faith though!
    That's what's been helping me stay strong lately. Its knowing that God knows what He's doing, and I have faith He'll send me someone who's even more perfect <3