Sunday, December 9, 2012


Dress; Macy's

Totally forgot to post these up the past couple weeks. Super last minute shoot Mariaya had to do for a photo class.  One thing's for sure. California has the best sunsets.

Here's the second part of my recent writing series.


You awake, remembering what happened the night before. The tears comes rushing out again. You’re still in disbelief, so sure that he had been the one. There’s still so many thing you never said, and it’s killing you now more than ever that you didn’t say them when you had the chance. Every memory of every opportunity to do so, that you didn’t take, comes flooding back to you. Then the questions start to consume you, as every vivid memory leaves you asking why. “We were so good together. We never fought. Every moment we spent together was perfect. I’ve never had a connection with anyone like that. Our level of comfortability with each other was insane.” Where did it all go wrong? It eats you alive. This question will haunt you for months and months to come. You don’t want to believe any of this happened, and you don’t want to move on. You want to hold onto the hope that things aren’t really over. And time continues on.



  1. We do have amazing sunsets, especially in the fall. I'm enjoying one right now! You have a way with words, I'm amazed at your talent! Keep it up!

  2. love this look on you - so lucky with the sunsets
    Xo Megan,