Thursday, March 14, 2013

10th Tribe Lioness

Beanie; 10th Tribe | Shorts; Unif via Wasteland | Shoes; Jeffrey Campbell via Miss KL | Top; Forever21 | Knee Highs; Target| Bracelet; Azkara | Ring; Wasteland | Earring; Love Culture

Thanks to Demi Rueda for the photos!

I was so stoked when I got in 10th Tribe's limited edition Violent Youth Beanie, that I texted Demi immediately to do a shoot showcasing it. It is the most perfect beanie. Paired with my Unif shorts and JC's with knee highs made for the perfect match. Demi also said that I let out my inner lioness during this shoot. Fierce. Haha.

So things have been crazy for me lately. I have two days left of school I graduate Saturday. I have my state board test to get my license April 3rd. This weekend was spent with Phinehas who crashed with me before their show at Victory Cafe on Tuesday.

Ended up having to transfer half their gear in my car while their van was out of commission.

Officially ending this school in Phase Two, Paul Mitchell's honor program. This rose that looks like the piranha plants in all the Mario games proves it.

However though, I came home from school today with a low grade fever. Let's pray that I can kick this tonight and don't wake up feeling worse in the morning. I only have two days of school left, I don't want to push back my grad date any more!

Hope you all are doing well.



  1. i LOVE the pics! your shorts are awesome & your make-up turned out gorgeous as well :)


  2. Girl, you look FIERCE! Love your cool ensemble and beanie. <3

    Trendy Teal