Friday, March 22, 2013

Deep Underground

It's like I'm staring back at my old self, the self that left me with the consequences that still weigh me down to this very day.

Wednesday night, I got to see one of my current favorite bands, Portland natives Rare Monk. Over summer I had gone to see a friend's band play a show which Rare Monk was also on. I'd never heard of Rare Monk before, but once I saw them setting up and bring out an electric violin, I knew it was going to be good. And boy, was I right. I fell in love with the ethereal and slightly galactic psychedelic rock immediately. Not to mention, they're extremely kind and grateful guys. Today they debuted their music video "Underground" which you can check out here.

They also have all their albums up for free download on their BandCamp should you fall in love as quickly as I have. 

Here's their video for "Shoot Me Down"



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  1. I definitely need to check them out - an electric violin? Oh yes!

    Trendy Teal