Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And I'm so conflicted with the things I'm being told, but I will try until I can't anymore.

And I probably would have given up already, Lord, if it weren’t for those dreams. And I’m so conflicted with the things everything is telling me. The entire universe is sending me mixed signals. But, I’m that stupid girl, that, despite all odds, despite everything trying to hold me back, despite everything telling me no; will do it anyway. Because I’m afraid I’m supposed to give up, but I’m not ready to try. Not ready to give in. Just one last chance to look into your eyes. Because your life intertwines in too many ways with mine, to not give this one more try. It’s always in your eyes, and you can see it in mine. I’m not ready to give up yet. There are so many things I did and didn’t do over the years because I cared about you. You were always in my best interest, and I always thought about how things would affect you.
I will try, until I cannot try any longer.
There is too much here, in the past two years, to just let go.

More late night writing from yours truly. When passion and emotion hits, you run with it.



  1. Oh wow, this was so heartfelt Maddie!
    Whatever is going on in your life, I pray that it works out for the best for you!

    Trendy Teal